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10 Product Design Icons from the 20th Century

Following the product design timeline during the 20th century, we can observe that design has evolved to focus on the function rather than the form which dominated 19th-century design movements. Design schools such as post-modernism and Bauhaus contributed to focus on the function of the design and how it serves people’s needs. The product design timeline indicated a number of …

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management style

What Type of Design Manager Are You?

If we have a look back to our design career, we can easily identify the bad, good, and great managers who not only achieve success in business but were able to help us to get the most of our creativity and apply it to projects. In many design companies, managers either come from a business background or a technical background. …

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design against crime

Five Product Designs Against Crime

Crime has a significant negative impact of economy and society, both from physical and physiological approaches. Prison population has increased in the UK from 44,000 to 83,000 between 1993 and 2007, which loaded the UK government with an extra GBP 3.8 billion to build 20,000 more prison places. Costs average around GBP 10,407 per unit but can vary depending on …

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Tracing the Open Design Practice

The term “open” is added to different fields such as design, innovation, and software in order to reflect co-creation principles with users contributing to the final design, either by assembling the product, customizing it, or adding more functions to it. A good example of open design is IKEA’s products that can be bought in separate parts that are flat-packed and …

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value stream map example

Using Value Stream Maps to Improve User Experience

Designing in its holistic approach is a method for solving problems through creativity and innovation by designing a better product or service experience. In-depth research and exploration for the end user should be conducted at an early stage of the design process in order to understand how consumers use the product or service and what problems are faced during this …

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inclusive design

How to Achieve Inclusive Design

In our diverse world full of different cultures, designing products and service has become more and more challenging, especially when the aim is to meet the needs of a variety of types of consumers. Our world’s diversity indicates the increasing importance of using inclusive design, sometimes called universal design. Inclusive design aims to create products and services that are usable …

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80/20 Rule: From Economics to Design

Observing consumer behavior can teach us a lot of information about the features implied within the design and how users will interact with those features. An interesting observation indicated by research is that users do not interact equally with all features offered in a design. When visiting a Facebook profile, only a limited number of features are used on daily …

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Vroom Yetton Jago

Vroom-Yetton-Jago: Deciding How to Decide

Design managers and art directors face critical times when they need to make strategic decisions that will not only affect the design process but also the entire production stage and subsequently the success of the product. While it is impossible to element the risk involved in decision-making, managers reduce this risk to a minimal level by deciding if they need …

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design failure

Five Lessons Designers Should Learn From Failure

Nothing is worse for designers than failing in a project, especially after spending time and effort in the development of ideas and turning them into a final product. When dealing with failure, most designers respond in one of two ways: they either neglect it and move forward to the next project, or get depressed and fill the air with negative …

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ideo automobility

How IDEO Creates the Future of Automobility

Today’s car designs are based on the same design concepts of decades past; we can’t declare that there is disruptive innovation in the car manufacturing industry, only a few changes that are added along with the launch of new models such as adding features or altering the design lines. However, designers’ roles are not limited to responding to the market …

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CLIP: The New Game-Changing Layerless 3D Printing Technology

The 3D printing technology is evolving very rapidly as companies and startups continue to develop new innovative ideas to take new technology from the prototyping phase to the industrial and mass production levels. Investigations and research are taking place not only in the implementations of 3D printing technology but also in overcoming the barriers faced by the technologies used in …

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global creativity index

10 Top Creative Countries in the World

Both scholars and practitioners agree on the important of design as a key player in the government’s economy, and this can be observed in many countries that have applied national design strategies. This leads us to number of questions, such as; what are the most creative countries in the world? And how can we evaluate the nation-wide creativity for a …

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apple cube

Five Lessons to Turn Design into Business Success

Design value now has a broader definition inside the organizational structure and companies’ viewpoints on strategic thinking. Leading companies can provide an example of how design can improve the business position in the market. A recent study incorporated sponsored projects at Stanford University, Art Center College of Design and other elite educational institutions around the world indicated that design-centric companies …

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