How social media affects creativity

How Social Media Affects Your Creativity

Social media has become a part of our daily life. Although the debate about how social media may affect the quality of life, users of different social media have increased over time. Facebook users for example increased from 75 million to 600 million in the between 2008 and 2011. LinkedIn users increased from 20 million to 100 million in the …

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marketing research

Marketing Research as a Method for Designers to Understand Clients

In every design and innovation process, understanding the end consumer through marketing research or user experience research plays an essential role in the success of the final product or service. This understanding is commonly identified in different design process models. For example, the Stanford University model starts with the spiral model of design process. The first stage is empathy, which …

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sustainable development

Break Through the Barriers to Sustainable Development and Innovation

Sustainable development is defined as a joint long-term strategy that aims to develop the current needs with human and environmental impacts in mind. The development process aims to supply the present needs without compromising the next generation’s ability to meet their expected resources and needs. Some companies such as IKEA and Lego understand the importance of sustainable design and development …

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creative brief

How to Create a Professional Creative Brief

In a previous article, we explored how top designers such as Tom Bassett, Frank Gehry, David Rockwell and Yves Béhar defined the creative brief. While there are many theories and debates about what should be included in the creative brief, there is one definition for the creative brief or the marketing brief –it is a communication document that includes required …

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Chevron logo

Guiding Brand Identity Through Logo Design

The following commentary focuses on the possibilities of design and logo analysis with key factors to assess how a logo functions through certain variables to establish brand identity. How these variables such as color, font and other factors can be found to have socially ascribed meaning and how design (through logo creation) can represent/reflect an organization’s philosophy or strategy is …

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project budget

Estimating a Design Project Budget

One of the challenges that face designers when they start a freelance job, build their own studio or take the responsibility of a design manager inside an existing organization is estimating the design project budget. Unlike the majority of projects discussed in a project management course, the design is a creative process that involve stages that may be unpredictable or …

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strategic thinking

How Design Contributes to Strategic Thinking Inside the Organization

While teaching a web user experience class at a university, I have received the chance to explore with the students the website development process and to highlight the role of design and creativity during the different development stages. The website development process suggests the involvement of design in both the early developmental stages and later in the feedback and evaluation …

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ikea sustainable design

Guide to IKEA’s Sustainable Design Strategy (Part 1)

Design is implemented throughout numerous levels within an organization, starting from its strategic planning to the production process and final delivery of the product or service to the consumer. Strategic design and good design management for the organization are essential to achieve both innovation and enterprise business targets, which subsequently lead to a greater ability to compete in the market …

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creative brief

How Top Designers Define the Creative Brief

What is the creative brief? What does it include? The creative brief, also known as an innovation brief, in its simplest form is the communication document that details all the required information for the design team and the parties involved in the design process during an item’s production. There are many debates about the content that should be included in …

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IKEA flat packing

Five Companies, Five Rules of Design

In 1964 during the first assembly of Icograda, British Prince Philip provided a thorough description of design: “Every day, designers of all kinds are becoming responsible for a greater proportion of man’s environment. Almost everything that we see and use that was not made by The Almighty has come from some designer’s drawing board.” His Highness’ words not only indicate …

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