social innovation

My Advice to Innovators From Years in Cambodia Designing New Solutions to Poverty

For the last decade, I’ve been designing solutions that improve human well-being in the developing world. For those who want to apply design thinking to situations of extreme constraints, like rural Cambodia, my iDE collaborator, Jose Mena, and I have some advice. Use Innovation to Design Experiences, not Just Things Don’t let your team settle for obvious solutions without understanding …

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breakthrough innovation

Which is Good for Start-ups, Incremental or Disruptive Innovation?

Today’s companies are faced with increasing challenges in terms of competitiveness and their ability to sustain business success. In order to survive these challenges , there is an agreement between both practitioners and scholars that business needs to grow in order to maintain its success in the market. This can be achieved through different types of innovation including the incremental …

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open innovation

5 Successful Open Innovation Examples

Both large and small companies have agreed that innovation and creativity are essential tools to sustain business success and improve market competitiveness. However, the traditional “closed” innovation model faced barriers and in the top of them is the lack of new idea generation among the internal company team. Open Innovation model was first coined to Dr. Henry Chesbrough, Executive Director, …

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10 Productivity Tips for Designers

Many designers complain about a large number of tasks they have every day comparing with the time required to achieve it. If you are a freelance designer, the problem becomes, even more, worse as there is always a time with a heavy load of work, while there are other times with merely one project in hand. Obviously, we can not …

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types of innovation

Types of Innovation and How to Utilize Them

Innovation is widely acknowledged as important for companies seeking to achieve market success in various industries. This perception is supported by case studies and by observation of companies that have adopted different types of innovation as part of their organizational strategy. Before tackling the innovation types, we need to identify what innovation is and what innovative activity is. Considered as …

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Design for social innovation

Applying Design and Innovation Framework in the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Many European organizations have started looking at design tools to solve societal challenges such as integration of new migrant intakes. The solutions range from creating products, services, and toolkits to education and training. Fortunately, we are beginning to see a great deal of adaptation of human-centered methods into political and societal problems, and the expansion of design tools is growing …

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business model canvas

Download Our Free Business Model Canvas Template

Achieving innovation in business requires deep understanding of the aspects of the business. This understanding is what separates success from failure, yet the focus on essential business elements may be distracted by a 50-pages business plan, as our minds are able to focus on the ideas when they are visually presented, rather than written in long paragraphs. Therefore, the business model …

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NEST thermostat

Exploring Human-Centered Innovation: NEST CASE STUDY

As RIBA’s policy officer, Emillia Plotka stated, “Access to energy consumption data at a larger scale could help identify energy-use hotspots and point to areas that could benefit from community energy or retrofitting schemes.”, a more need to innovation and creativity to build smarter homes and intelligent devices that can contribute to sustainability. Founded in 2010 by Apple’s former engineers, Tony …

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Coworking space

8 Tips to Finance Your Design Business

One of the major challenges facing designers and creative people seeking to start their own business—or moving their creative idea from their art studio labs to the market as a manufactured project—is finding the proper method to finance their business. While designers get the chance to learn creative courses and how to develop their ideas in design schools, these institutions …

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open innovation

Report: Implementing Open Innovation to Drive Creativity inside Companies

Innovation and creativity are essential factors to achieve competitive advantages in market. Innovative companies adopt strategies that aim to improve both the input and output sides of the innovation equation through reducing the input costs or increasing the production volume (Wang et al, 2009). Innovation can be applied on four main levels inside the company; business model innovation, product & …

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Uber service

How Designers Can Achieve Disruptive Innovation

As people who continuously pursue creative change, designers need to understand the type of change that they are pursuing as well as how to achieve it. Change can be achieved through two types of innovation processes: Sustaining innovation and disruptive innovation. Sustaining innovation change is unlikely to create new markets or values, such as evolution innovation that improves existing products …

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