molecule shoes

Zaha Hadid to Implement 3D Printing Technology in Print on Demand Designs

It seems like 3D printing technology is trending in a new direction with the designs of some of the world’s most acknowledged designers, such as Zaha Hadid, Francis Bitoni, Alvin Huang, and others. Unlike the ordinary production process, additive manufacturing technologies enable designers to 3D print their designs from anywhere around the world as long as there is a good …

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ikea sustainable design

Guide to IKEA’s Sustainable Design Strategy (Part 2)

In this first part of this article, we explored the design strategy’s key role in achieving the organization’s business targets, and its creativity places it ahead of competitors in the market. The design role has a more holistic approach than just the product design. Design strategy and management is essential in forming the company’s whole vision and strategic planning. Design at …

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lego sustainable design

LEGO Bricks: The Long Road to Sustainable Design

Recently, LEGO discontinued its marketing campaign with Shell, putting an end to the controversial partnership that lasted 50 years. Greenpeace brought this to the public’s attention through its intensive campaign across multiple channels; you may have already seen its advertisements in your Facebook news feed. The video below, “Everything Is Not Awesome”, provides a shocking look at how Shell’s search …

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London New Tube

London Underground New Tube Train: Putting Design Thinking into Action

As one of the pioneer countries that established design strategy and focus on design thinking, United Kingdom always tries to maintain the British value in all its infrastructure projects such as the London Taxi and underground tube train. While UK tries to develop its transportation to meet with the contemporary life requirement, one of its main criteria is the keep …

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