Design Resources

Our Design Toolkit is a frequently updated section with tools, case studies, and white papers.

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Case Study: Amazon AWS Cloud Service

In this case study, we tend to investigate the impact of cloud computing service (Amazon AWS) to fuel innovation and creativity in companies working in new media and multimedia.

Business Model Canvas

business model canvas

Business Model Canvas provides a visual tool to build successful business strategy. This PDF template allows you to fill and print. Read more about how to use it here.

Starbursting Template

starbursting template

Starbursting template provides a tool for creative thinking and evaluating ideas during meetings based on five questions; Who? What? When? Where? Why? And How? The PDF version includes forms that can be filled directly and printed.

Building the innovative Organization


This white paper aims to unleash more information that companies can depend on to fuel innovation and creativity inside the organization. This document is available in PDF format.

SWOT Analysis Template

swot analysis template

SWOT Analysis template helps you to evaluate NPD through strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats factors. This document is available in PDF format.

Creative Brief Template

creative brief template

Creative brief template allows companies in creative sector to build better understanding to new projects and clients. The template is available in both DOC and PDF format The PDF version includes forms that can be filled directly and printed.

Mind Mapping Template

mind map template

Mind mapping template ebook allows you to print and build a customized mind map using different themes and colors. The document is available in PDF format.

Report: Open Innovation & Creativity

open innovation

This report tends to investigate how can open innovation model drive creativity and design inside organizations. You can download the report in PDF format or read online here.