design thinking

Top Resources to Learn Design Thinking Online

Companies such as Apple, Toyota, Virgin and others provide proof that applying design thinking in the innovation process can make changes not only by creating opportunities, but also by building a better future for people by daily problems. These companies and other innovative organizations apply design as a global policy in organizational strategy. In a previous article, I discussed design …

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design thinking in education

Can We Apply Design Thinking in Education?

Many schools claim that their systems support innovation and creativity in the educational process, yet the results indicate a failure to implement the proper methodologies in order to achieve this aim. One of the main reasons for this is the educational approach itself. The “learn-memorize-test” approach implemented by many schools prevent student from exploring the creativity inherent in the children …

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London New Tube

London Underground New Tube Train: Putting Design Thinking into Action

As one of the pioneer countries that established design strategy and focus on design thinking, United Kingdom always tries to maintain the British value in all its infrastructure projects such as the London Taxi and underground tube train. While UK tries to develop its transportation to meet with the contemporary life requirement, one of its main criteria is the keep …

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