Healthcare Design

Why Digital Healthcare Innovation is Important

Digital healthcare innovation is an opportunity for the healthcare systems to overcome many of the challenges that face this sector in both developed and underdeveloped countries–think about the long waiting

design thinking in healthcare innovation

Why Design Thinking is Essential for Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare Innovation is seen as an opportunity to solve our healthcare problems, but can it address these dramatically increasing challenges? Nowadays, everyone’s family on earth is feeling these challenges as

Healthcare Technology Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges

Healthcare systems are facing more challenges than before. The increasing number of patients, especially with chronic diseases, pushes the health industry to innovative solutions, including adopting healthcare technology and medical innovation.

circular design

What is Circular Design? And How to Apply It.

The role of design is now extending the form and function of the product or service to more contributions to building innovative solutions that emphasise the wise consumption of natural

systems thinking

What is Systems Thinking? And How to Use the Fifth Discipline to Understand it?

Systems thinking, also known as systems dynamics, combines understanding how complex systems integrate with each other and solving complicated problems that involve multiple inputs and outputs from these systems’ perspectives.

systems thinking

How to Create the Systems Thinking Diagrams

Complex systems can’t be seen as individual parts. We need a broader perspective to see the whole pattern that causes the problem, as many factors as affecting both the current