design thinking in healthcare innovation

Why Design Thinking is Essential for Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare Innovation is seen as an opportunity to solve our healthcare problems, but can it address these dramatically increasing challenges? Nowadays, everyone’s family on earth is feeling these challenges as

Healthcare Technology Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges

Healthcare systems are facing more challenges than before. The increasing number of patients, especially with chronic diseases, pushes the health industry to innovative solutions, including adopting healthcare technology and medical innovation.

medical technology innovation

Why is Medical Technology Innovation so Hard?

Medical technology innovation has dramatically expanded, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown. Mobile apps were used to track and trace to spread of the pandemic, and video chatting apps replace physical

Design thinking tools

Design Thinking Tools and Methods Complete Guide

There are several design thinking tools and methods out there. At the beginning of my learning about these tools, How can we formulate these methods in a clear design thinking

13 Online Design Thinking Tools for Mind Mapping

Design thinking tools provide us with the opportunity to explore ideas through their different elements and components, which can lead to developing creative solutions for problems. Mind maps are one

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Design Thinking Tools for Ideation

The ideation stage is a key point in the design thinking process (Known as Define in the Double Diamond Process). It is where the problem or the challenge is defined. The prototyped solutions may not