Design Thinking

SCAMPER Technique

SCAMPER Technique Examples and Applications

The SCAMPER technique is one of the brainstorming tools that allows us to explore solutions to problems by altering the current product through seven different approaches: Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify,

creative brief

How to Create a Professional Creative Brief?

Through my years of working as a designer, I understood two factors: the most crucial document that paves the way through the design process is the creative brief, and there

design research

What are Design Research Types and Applications?

Let’s think of the design practice and how design research contributes to the development of different design solutions, products, services, and systems. Both design and research are human activities, and

Minimum viable product

Minimum Viable Product Examples and Applications

When we have a new product idea, it is always surrounded by uncertainty regarding its future success and market acceptability. During the design processes, such as the Double Diamond Design


The Affinity Diagram: A Practical Case Study

During the design process, several parameters bubble during the research and ideation sessions that you need to organise, analyse and prioritise, such as application features, project tasks or organise application

Online brainstorming

How to Conduct Online Brainstorming

Brainstorming allows teams to explore ideas and analyse information creatively and collaboratively during the design thinking process. During the pandemic lockdown, online brainstorming solved the problem that teams had to

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Healthcare Design

value proposition canvas healthcare

Applying the Value Proposition Canvas in Healthcare Technology

When I teach design to my students, I usually tell them to look for the “value” and acknowledge it is the most important connection between you and your user. The

digital healthcare design

What are the principles of Good Digital Healthcare Design?

The broad role of digital healthcare design is progressing rapidly, driven by the need for digital and technological solutions to address the increasing challenges facing healthcare systems worldwide. Several barriers

healthcare innovation

Why mHealth is Essential in Healthcare Innovation?

Healthcare systems worldwide face increased challenges, including increasing costs, lack of working staff, and long waiting lists considering that healthcare expenditure consumes a large portion of the country’s GDP. For

Behavioural Design

Behavioural design strategies

Four Must-Know Behavioural Design Strategies 

In user experience design, we use HCI theories to study and improve the usability of design solutions. Yet, the context of use extends to the user environment and behaviour that

Behaviour Change mHealth

Behavioural Design: Using Habit Loop in mHealth

Behavioural design is not only about designing the mobile health solution but also extending its role to understand how users behave and drive users to change their habits toward healthier

Behavioural design

What is Behavioural Design? And How to Apply it

In simple words, behaviour design is a method to understand behaviour sciences and apply this knowledge in designing products, services, and apps. The use of behavioural sciences in design is

Design Research

ergonomics principles

The Ergonomics Principles and Their Applications

The user experience is the core of the design process, and we, as designers, apply existing design processes such as the Double Diamond Design Thinking to improve our user’s experience

human centered design

The Characteristics of Human-Centered Design

Design is a complex process involving several human and non-human actors interacting in the design arena. When IKEA designs a chair or kitchenware, they consider several factors manifested in their

5 whys method

How to Apply 5 Whys Root Cause Analysis 

The root cause analysis aims to dig deep into a particular problem to identify its primary cause. One of the most significant challenges we face when trying to solve a problem is

empathy mapping

How to Use Persona Empathy Mapping in UX Research

A user persona is a tool used to better understand user behaviour in user research by building a virtual avatar that represents the target consumer’s characteristics. However, achieving empathic design requires more

User scenarios

Step-by-Step Guide to User Scenarios

During the UX research process, one of our big aims is to understand user behaviour when visiting a website or using a mobile application. Over the course of building this

usability testing

How to Conduct Heuristic Evaluation?

The usability testing is one of the essential stages of the user experience design process where the prototype is tested and evaluated to ensure that the final product is user-friendly

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Design Management

types of innovation

Types of Innovation: The Complete Guide with Examples

Innovation is widely acknowledged as important for companies seeking market success in various industries or accessing new markets. This perception is supported by case studies and by observation of companies


The Blue Ocean Strategy: Guide and Examples

One of the biggest challenges that face today’s companies is market competency. The challenge factor is magnified for new companies as they try to find a value proposition that allows


Open Innovation: Comprehensive Guide and Examples

Innovation and creativity are essential factors to achieve competitive advantages in the market. Innovative companies adopt strategies that aim to improve both the input and output sides of the innovation

Kano Model Analysis

What is Kano Model Analysis? And How to Conduct it.

Designing a product can be challenging. The array of features and designs to select and eliminate is daunting, especially when stepping out into the field with customer satisfaction and delight

social design

What is Social Design? And How it Can Change the World.

In this rapidly changing world, future generations will face increasingly challenging obstacles like climate change, pollution, poverty, lack of resources and other difficulties that have yet to manifest. Problems predicted


What is Inclusive Design? And How to Apply It?

In our diverse world full of different cultures, designing products and services has become more and more challenging, especially when the aim is to meet the needs of various consumers

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