swot analysis model

SWOT Analysis: Exploring Innovation and Creativity within Organizations

Innovation and creativity are considered by many strategists a key factor of business success and prosperity. However, only one from six ideas achieve the goal and return profit to the organization. How to determine the potential success in innovative ideas? Many tools and methods are used to evaluate ideas such as pass-fail evaluation, evaluation matrix and SWOT analysis. While these …

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design thinking

Top Resources to Learn Design Thinking Online

Companies such as Apple, Toyota, Virgin and others provide proof that applying design thinking in the innovation process can make changes not only by creating opportunities, but also by building a better future for people by daily problems. These companies and other innovative organizations apply design as a global policy in organizational strategy. In a previous article, I discussed design …

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creative leadership

How to Maintain Creative Leadership inside an Organization

Many companies provide examples that creative leadership can lead an organization to a better competitive position in the market and while building brand value. Examples of these companies include Apple, Lego, IKEA, Starbucks, Mercedes Benz and others.  In the center of creative leadership, design and innovation play an essential role to achieve creativity in different private and public sectors. In previous …

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design thinking in education

Can We Apply Design Thinking in Education?

Many schools claim that their systems support innovation and creativity in the educational process, yet the results indicate a failure to implement the proper methodologies in order to achieve this aim. One of the main reasons for this is the educational approach itself. The “learn-memorize-test” approach implemented by many schools prevent student from exploring the creativity inherent in the children …

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design idea

How to Evaluate Design Ideas

Design and innovation play an essential role in today’s business success through fueling an organization’s future with creative ideas that in turn, will help maintain superiority in market competition. Investing in business ventures and start-up ideas are other reason for companies to focus on creative ideas and analyze their potential success in the market. Designers, design managers and educators also …

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project budget

Estimating a Design Project Budget

One of the challenges that face designers when they start a freelance job, build their own studio or take the responsibility of a design manager inside an existing organization is estimating the design project budget. Unlike the majority of projects discussed in a project management course, the design is a creative process that involve stages that may be unpredictable or …

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psychology of color

The Psychology of Color in Branding

For most creative designers, the psychology of color in design is about the meaning of colors for the consumer and how each color represents the business niche in the visual design; the gold is wealth, the green is nature, the red is danger and the blue is for coolness. However, the usage of colors is not a straight forward theory …

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sustainable design

Principles of Sustainable Design

The term “sustainable design” has been used in multiple disciplines, including but not limited to product design, architecture design, interior design, and graphic design. Sustainable design refers to the design process that integrates an environmentally friendly approach and considers nature resources as part of the design. Sharlyn Underwood, American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Virginia chapter president and interior designer …

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apple design process

How Does Apple’s Design Process Work?

Apple is one of the unique companies that leads the market through its designs and creative, innovative products. For years, Apple products have attracted users’ love, achieving the so-called empathic design challenge. On a frequent basis each year, Apple unveils to the market new innovative products that strengthen its competency in comparison to other computer and mobile manufacturers in the …

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