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10 Online Mind Mapping Tools for Designers

Exploring ideas or finding creative solutions requires identifying a link between ideas and the available information. A holistic understanding of the problem allows the assigned team to find the best solution for the problem or to innovate creative ideas. Mind Mapping is one of the common tools that are used by designers to explore ideas during brainstorming sessions. Mind Mapping …

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Designorate Mind Map Template

In a previous article, we covered mind mapping as one of the effective tools to organize and visualize ideas during brainstorming sessions. Mind mapping can be used in the educational, business and personal domains. While there are many digital tools that allow teams to visuals ideas through computer generated applications; the traditional paper and pen are recognized by many as …

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How to Use Mind Mapping for Better Thinking

During brainstorming meetings and problem-solving sessions, many outputs are shared and presented in fractals. Many of the design thinking methods we discussed aims to direct the attendees thinking towards a specific flow in order to achieve creativity or find innovative solutions for problems. Mind mapping is one of the efficient methods that organize all these in a formation and in …

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