IDI Designorate Design Student Scholarship is Here

During our researches in the Design Education barriers, we found that many students are looking forward to studying design. However, they are faced with obstacles that prevent them from studying their favorite subject. The location and finance were at the top of these barriers. The student scholarships can help overcoming these barrier Therefore, we are glad to introduce to our …

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Adobe XD webinar

Webinar: Prototyping Using Adobe Experience Design

In Designorate, we aim to spread the word for the broader role of the design process inside the enterprise and build a consumer-centered culture inside individual firms. Therefore, we will start our Designorate Webinar series. During this series, we plan to engage with you through live sessions that discuss different topics related to design, design thinking, and innovation. We will …

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ui design patterns

UI Design Patterns and How They Are Applied

UI design patterns are based on the observations of Christopher Alexander. In 1960, he observed that many things happen in our lives according to recurring patterns. This observation was later implemented in different design fields in order to solve problems with existing solution patterns. In user experience, the UI design patterns refer to user interface solutions for recurring problems that …

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white space in ui design

The Role of White Space in User Interface Design

In the field of design, controversies between clients and designers sometimes arise regarding the use of “white space,” or negative space between user interface design elements. Misinformed clients are often under the impression that any empty space should be filled in with practical elements. Experienced designers, however, know that white space between typography glyphs, content blocks, or other user interface …

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business model canvas

Download Our Free Business Model Canvas Template

Achieving innovation in business requires deep understanding of the aspects of the business. This understanding is what separates success from failure, yet the focus on essential business elements may be distracted by a 50-pages business plan, as our minds are able to focus on the ideas when they are visually presented, rather than written in long paragraphs. Therefore, the business model …

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mind mapping tools

10 Online Mind Mapping Tools for Designers

Exploring ideas or finding creative solutions requires identifying a link between ideas and the available information. A holistic understanding of the problem allows the assigned team to find the best solution for the problem or to innovate creative ideas. Mind Mapping is one of the common tools that are used by designers to explore ideas during brainstorming sessions. Mind Mapping …

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ideo automobility

How IDEO Creates the Future of Automobility

Today’s car designs are based on the same design concepts of decades past; we can’t declare that there is disruptive innovation in the car manufacturing industry, only a few changes that are added along with the launch of new models such as adding features or altering the design lines. However, designers’ roles are not limited to responding to the market …

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CLIP: The New Game-Changing Layerless 3D Printing Technology

The 3D printing technology is evolving very rapidly as companies and startups continue to develop new innovative ideas to take new technology from the prototyping phase to the industrial and mass production levels. Investigations and research are taking place not only in the implementations of 3D printing technology but also in overcoming the barriers faced by the technologies used in …

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swot analysis tool

Six SWOT Analysis Tools and Applications

SWOT analysis is an essential tool for any organization to evaluate its position in the market based on four factors; Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. While the strengths and weaknesses are considered internal factors, both opportunities and threats are considered external factors. In a previous article, we covered SWOT analysis as a tool to explore innovation and creativity within companies. …

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mind map template

Designorate Mind Map Template

In a previous article, we covered mind mapping as one of the effective tools to organize and visualize ideas during brainstorming sessions. Mind mapping can be used in the educational, business and personal domains. While there are many digital tools that allow teams to visuals ideas through computer generated applications; the traditional paper and pen are recognized by many as …

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innovative organization

White Paper: Building the Innovative Organization

As we, in Designorate, try to provide useful resources for designers and design managers. We would like to introduce to you our first white paper resource, Building the Innovative Organization: A Select Literature Review of Key Factors of Organizational Innovation and Their Impact on Employees. This white paper is written by our contributor author and editorial member, professor Timothy C. …

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molecule shoes

Zaha Hadid to Implement 3D Printing Technology in Print on Demand Designs

It seems like 3D printing technology is trending in a new direction with the designs of some of the world’s most acknowledged designers, such as Zaha Hadid, Francis Bitoni, Alvin Huang, and others. Unlike the ordinary production process, additive manufacturing technologies enable designers to 3D print their designs from anywhere around the world as long as there is a good …

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