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In a previous article, we covered mind mapping as one of the effective tools to organize and visualize ideas during brainstorming sessions. Mind mapping can be used in the educational, business and personal domains. While there are many digital tools that allow teams to visuals ideas through computer generated applications; the traditional paper and pen are recognized by many as a more effective tool. The use of hand drawing, cutting and pasting shapes activate the human skills and allows more creative output.

However, most of the mind map templates available on the Internet are fixed and limited to specific number of ideas. It does not allow users to add more ideas and branches in the printed maps. Therefore, I thought to share with you a more dynamic map. The Designorate mind map consists of printable parts rather than full shapes. The user prints the whole document or can choose a specific mind map theme to print. If more items are needed, the user can print specific pages again and again.

The document is designed to reduce the usage of printer ink for a more sustainable environment. So, you may need to print only the needed pages or themes. The document starts with the steps required to print and use it as mind mapping tool as following:

This document provides printable mind map artwork and shapes. These elements can be used in any mind map session in companies, schools, and/or personal use. Each page represents a mind map level with different shapes and sizes. The connectors link between ideas. You can place them together to form long lines. You can also reprint if needed.

  1. Download this document and print it in either black and white or color printer. Please read the copyrights in page two before using this document.
  2. Each page represents one level in the mind map. Also, you will find connectors that can be used as links between ideas. Cut these parts and print if multiple versions are needed.
  3. Paste the parts on a paper, board or even on the meeting desk. You can add glue or magnetic stickers to it.
  4. Please mention the source of this document in your meetings or classes, and spread the word out about our resources.

The first section in this document is the main idea or the core of the mind map template. This artwork can be used in the center of the mind map with the main ideas written inside it. Different themes are provided to represent the core idea in four colors; white, blue, green, and purple. All colors are a lighter color to allow writing over it and to reduce the ink usage. If a deeper color option is needed, the white theme can be printed in colored paper.

mind map main idea

The level one section includes the items that can be used to display the thoughts that directly link to the main idea. Level one can be printed in four different categories of shapes with different color combinations.

mind map level 1

Level two includes the same themes as level one with smaller size to allow visual perception to the hierarchy. If the mind map session includes more levels, the user can simply print level two and resize the printed version.

mind map level 2

The last part is the connectors. Connectors can be printed and used to link between ideas. These connectors are designed to be pasted next to each other to form longer lines for large mind maps. The connectors as well as the other themes are designed to be simple for quick cutting and use.

Click on the button below to download Designorate Mind Map Template. If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve this mind map template or add other templates, please do not hesitate contacting us at [email protected].  Also, check our design resources for more templates and resources.


All copyrights are reserved to You are not allowed to republish or distribute this document without direct permission. You can share link to the document with mentioning the copyright ownership.

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