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design idea

How to Evaluate Design Ideas

Design and innovation play an essential role in today’s business success through fueling an organization’s future with creative ideas that in turn, will help maintain superiority in market competition. Investing

apple design process

How Does Apple’s Design Process Work?

Apple is one of the unique companies that leads the market through its designs and creative, innovative products. For years, Apple products have attracted users’ love, achieving the so-called empathic

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Design Management

sustainable design

Principles of Sustainable Design

The term “sustainable design” has been used in multiple disciplines, including but not limited to product design, architecture design, interior design, and graphic design. Sustainable design refers to the design

national design policy

Leading Economy Through Design: Applying National Design Policies

In order to identify where design lies in the creative process, there should be a clear understanding of design and the difference between design, innovation, and creativity. As described by

molecule shoes

Zaha Hadid to Implement 3D Printing Technology in Print on Demand Designs

It seems like 3D printing technology is trending in a new direction with the designs of some of the world’s most acknowledged designers, such as Zaha Hadid, Francis Bitoni, Alvin

3D printing technology

Can 3D Printing Technology Be Implemented Into Production Lines?

3D printing is evolving rapidly, and every day new projects or products adopt the new technology to facilitate options that were not available before. The implications of 3D printing are

lego sustainable design

LEGO Bricks: The Long Road to Sustainable Design

Recently, LEGO discontinued its marketing campaign with Shell, putting an end to the controversial partnership that lasted 50 years. Greenpeace brought this to the public’s attention through its intensive campaign

creative brief

How Top Designers Define the Creative Brief

What is the creative brief? What does it include? The creative brief, also known as an innovation brief, in its simplest form is the communication document that details all the