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How to Use Mind Mapping for Better Thinking

During brainstorming meetings and problem-solving sessions, many outputs are shared and presented in fractals. Many of the design thinking methods we discussed aims to direct the attendees thinking towards a

scamper problem solving

A Guide to the SCAMPER Technique for Creative Thinking

Creative thinking and problem-solving are essential parts of the design process to turn ideas into innovation and break the barriers against creativity. One of the successful methods used in creative

problem solving

Problem Solving Using Hurson’s Production Thinking Model

The ability to solve problems is one of the essential strong points inside successful organizations. Seeing the success of a companies’ innovation and creativity does not mean that everything went

swot analysis model

SWOT Analysis: Exploring Innovation and Creativity within Organizations

Innovation and creativity are considered by many strategists a key factor of business success and prosperity. However, only one from six ideas achieve the goal and return profit to the

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Design Thinking Tools: Reverse Brainstorming

Many tools and techniques involve the design thinking process such as mind maps, brain dumps, group discussion, SWOT analysis, reversed brainstorming and others. Each of these tools has its own

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Top Resources to Learn Design Thinking Online

Companies such as Apple, Toyota, Virgin and others provide proof that applying design thinking in the innovation process can make changes not only by creating opportunities, but also by building

The Graphic Design Major in the American University in Cairo: First Generation of Emerging Talent Graduates

New, young talent shined in the hall of the Sharjah gallery in the American University in Cairo (AUC) this week as new graduates gathered to present their final graduation projects

The American University of Beirut

Why Design Education in the Middle East Doesn’t Meet the Market Needs

One of the questions commonly asked by young, talented designers and students who dream of design as their future career is, “How do I learn design?” The questions are also

NEST thermostat

Exploring Human-Centered Innovation: NEST CASE STUDY

As RIBA’s policy officer, Emillia Plotka stated, “Access to energy consumption data at a larger scale could help identify energy-use hotspots and point to areas that could benefit from community energy

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