ui design patterns

UI Design Patterns and How They Are Applied

UI design patterns are based on the observations of Christopher Alexander. In 1960, he observed that many things happen in our lives according to recurring patterns. This observation was later implemented in different design fields in order to solve problems with existing solution patterns. In user experience, the UI design patterns refer to user interface solutions for recurring problems that …

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journey map

7 Steps to Create a Successful Journey Map

‘Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes’ is a commonly used idiom. For a designer, however, it is an essential step in concept creation, research, and design. In order to guide any design process, the following vital question should be answered by designers; “Who is the target user, and how will he/she use the product?” Whether beginning a design process or …

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UX research

How to Conduct a Successful UX Research for Your Design Project

Lacking a clear understanding of the project target audience can prevent a design team from developing a product that fulfills the end user’s needs and expectations. Before starting a project, many questions come to mind including “What is the target market segment?”, “What are the user problems that we can address?” and “How we can address them?” All these questions …

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white space in ui design

The Role of White Space in User Interface Design

In the field of design, controversies between clients and designers sometimes arise regarding the use of “white space,” or negative space between user interface design elements. Misinformed clients are often under the impression that any empty space should be filled in with practical elements. Experienced designers, however, know that white space between typography glyphs, content blocks, or other user interface …

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Adobe XD

Adobe Experience Design CC: Taking the Creative Cloud to Prototyping

As interactive and user experience designers, there was always the question: Why is there not a prototyping tool included in the Adobe Creative Cloud? Since the release of Adobe Creative Cloud, it has been known as an integrated platform for designers, developers, photographers, and media experts to build their projects through a bundle of applications and services available for subscribers …

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user experience mind maps

Using Mind Maps to Track User Experience

When it comes to building a user-centered design, the core target is to have a solid understanding of the user experience and how users navigate through different design layout elements. Achieving this target requires clearly defined goals, which are supported with deep understanding of the end user through building a persona empathy maps and scenarios for user behavior. However, the involvement …

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Using Persona Empathy Mapping to Understand User Behavior

Persona is one of the tools that is used to build a better understanding of user behavior either in UX research or in marketing research by building a virtual avatar that represents the target consumer’s characteristics. However, achieving empathic design requires more than just drawing a virtual character that represent the target consumer, it also requires that designers put themselves …

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empathic design

Empathic Design: The Most Difficult Simple Approach to Successful Design

In his book “Change by Design,” Tim Brown describes empathy as “the mental habit that moves us beyond thinking of people as laboratory rats or standard deviations.” Unlike the marketing research that deals with numbers and facts, empathic design tries to meet users’ needs and even thinks in terms of what they may need to make their life much easier. …

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