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Lego Serious Play in Design Thinking Process

How to Use Lego Serious Play in the Design Thinking Process?

The design thinking process is essential for companies who would like to lead the market through creativity and innovation, and proper tools need to be used to achieve this goal.


How to Use TRIZ in the Problem-Solving Process

As we attempt to solve the problems and find creative solutions for them, we take different routes throughout the problem-solving process, such as applying the Double Diamond design thinking, brainstorming

systems thinking

What is Systems Thinking? And How to Use the Fifth Discipline to Understand it?

Systems thinking, also known as systems dynamics, combines understanding how complex systems integrate with each other and solving complicated problems that involve multiple inputs and outputs from these systems’ perspectives.

design thinking

Why Design Thinking Doesn’t Work

Many articles have recently addressed design thinking as a mindset to solve problems and achieve innovation by focusing on human needs. However, the over-commercialisation and promotions have led to a

systems thinking

How to Create the Systems Thinking Diagrams

Complex systems can’t be seen as individual parts. We need a broader perspective to see the whole pattern that causes the problem, as many factors as affecting both the current

Fish Bone Diagram

How to Use the Fishbone Diagram in Root Cause Analysis?

Solving problems is considered an initial part of designers’ practice as they aim for user-centred design. The target that requires root-cause analysis of problems using tools such as the Fishbone

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user experience design

5 Myths About The User Experience Design Process

The user experience design aims to put users in the heart of the product development process by addressing their everyday needs and solving their problems. Achieving this target can help

ux research

The Price of Not Doing a Proper UX Research

When it comes to UX research, business owners and managers freak out to implement as they eager to invest the precious project time in production stages rather than thinking and

human-centered design

Why Do We Need Human-Centered Design More than Before?

The human-centered design aims to creatively solve problems by focusing on the consumer behavior and needs rather than their demographics. The approach is currently adopted by different industries as it

google design sprint

Free Webinar: Introduction to Google Design Sprinting for UX

Google Design Sprint is one of the UX design processes that is based o the agile methodology. It aims to put the user in the center of the development process

hick's law

Hick’s Law: Building Usable Navigations

Building a user-friendly UI Design involves creating a usable navigation system that allows users to easily move between pages or UI screens, and one of the laws that contribute building a

design common myths

5 Common Myths About Design

“Designers only do Photoshop work,” “They only think about colors,” ” Design only adds more cost to the project,” and other comments are common to hear if you are a

Design Management

ikea sustainable design

IKEA’s Sustainable Design Strategy (Part 2)

In the first part of this article, we explored the design sustainable strategy’s key role in achieving the organization’s business targets, and its creativity places it ahead of competitors in the

Phase-Gate Process

Stage Gate Process: The Complete Practice Guide

When it comes to the process of new product development, the stakes are high to achieve the target goals and introduce to the market a product that can satisfy both

ikea sustainable design

Exploring IKEA’s Sustainable Design Strategy: Part One

The design adds various values inside any company. At the top of these values is building a company-wide strategy such as IKEA sustainable design strategy. Strategic design and good design

social innovation

My Advice to Innovators From Years in Cambodia Designing New Solutions to Poverty

For the last decade, I’ve been designing solutions that improve human well-being in the developing world. For those who want to apply design thinking to situations of extreme constraints, like

design thinking

Unpacking Design Thinking Futures: GK VanPatter in conversation with Rafiq Elmansy Part 2

Last week, we got the chance to discuss with GK VanPatter, co-founder of Humantific, his vision about design thinking futures as part of this series of interviews with design leaders.

design thinking

Unpacking Design Thinking Futures: GK VanPatter in conversation with Rafiq Elmansy Part 1

Design is now taking broader perspective than before. It’s now used by large companies such as Google, Apple, IKEA, Nike, and others as a strategic and business tool to lead