Digital health design

What are the principles of Good Digital Healthcare Design?

The broad role of digital healthcare design is progressing rapidly, driven by the need for digital and technological solutions to address the increasing challenges facing healthcare systems worldwide. Several barriers

Four Reasons to Expand Mobile Technology Usage in Medical Innovation

The healthcare systems around the world are faced with increased challenges including increasing costs, lack of working staff, and of course long waiting lists putting in mind that healthcare expenditure

medical innovation apps

Five Reasons to Utilise Patient-Centric Medical Innovation

The medical innovation is an opportunity for the healthcare system to overcome many of the challenges that face this sector in both developed and underdeveloped countries–think about the long waiting

design thinking

Design Thinking Tools for Ideation

The ideation stage is a key point in the design thinking process (Known as Define in the Double Diamond Process). It is where the problem or the challenge is defined. The prototyped solutions may not

decision matrix template

How to Use the Decision Matrix to Make Decisions?

Making the right decision is the biggest challenge that designers, managers, and innovators face, especially when there can be more than one possible choice to select from and multiple factors

8D problem solving

What is the 8D Problem Solving? And How to use the 8D Report?

The 8D problem-solving process (also known as the 8 Disciplines) is very different from previous processes we explored previously, such as the Double Diamond process or the IBM Design Thinking.