Design Thinking

design thinking

Why Design Thinking Doesn’t Work

Many articles have recently addressed design thinking as a mindset to solve problems and achieve innovation by focusing on human needs. However, the over-commercialisation and promotions have led to a

systems thinking

How to Create the Systems Thinking Diagrams

Complex systems can’t be seen as individual parts. We need a broader perspective to see the whole pattern that causes the problem, as many factors as affecting both the current

Fish Bone Diagram

How to Use the Fishbone Diagram in Root Cause Analysis?

Solving problems is considered an initial part of designers’ practice as they aim for user-centred design. The target that requires root-cause analysis of problems using tools such as the Fishbone

Failure Mode Effects FMEA

What is the Failure Mode and Effects (FMEA)?

Our worst fear in design is to end up with a failed product. At this particular moment, we pause and wonder; if we knew this will going to happen, we

Online brainstorming

How to Conduct Online Brainstorming

Brainstorming allows teams to explore ideas and analyse information in a creative, collaborative environment. During the pandemic lockdown, online brainstorming solved the problem that teams had to work remotely and

Design thinking tools

Design Thinking Tools and Methods Complete Guide

There are several design thinking tools and methods out there. At the beginning of my learning about these tools, How can we formulate these methods in a clear design thinking

design thinking in healthcare innovation

Why Design Thinking is Essential for Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare Innovation is seen as an opportunity to solve our healthcare problems, but can it address these dramatically increasing challenges? Nowadays, everyone’s family on earth is feeling these challenges as

Healthcare Technology Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges

Healthcare systems are facing more challenges than before. The increasing number of patients, especially with chronic diseases, pushes the health industry to innovative solutions, including adopting healthcare technology and medical innovation.

medical technology innovation

Why is Medical Technology Innovation so Hard?

Medical technology innovation has dramatically expanded, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown. Mobile apps were used to track and trace to spread of the pandemic, and video chatting apps replace physical


How to Use the Action Priority Matrix in Time Management?

Unlike regular jobs. Designers are required to handle various tasks on different levels. This challenge increases when working as a freelancer or working in your own start-up. Most designers complain

types of innovation

What are the Types of Innovation? And How to Utilize Them

Innovation is widely acknowledged as important for companies seeking market success in various industries or accessing new markets. This perception is supported by case studies and by observation of companies

What is Strategic Thinking? And How to Improve It

The ability to take strategic decisions can lead the organisation to achieve business success, as firms can’t preserve their existence without a strategy that maintains their long-term growth. Having the

UX Design

design process

The Role of Storytelling in the Design Process

Storytelling is in the heart of our DNA as a human being, it helps us connect events is a holistic experience through time. This unique nature of stories makes it

Guerrilla User Experience

Guerrilla User Experience for Quick, Low-Budget Research

Building a user-centered design requires a deep understanding of consumer experience, which can be only achieved through an in-depth research process prior to building the first product prototype. However, as

Lean UX

Five Reasons to Move to Lean UX

The lean UX allows us to escape the barrier of the traditional UX process to a more agile process. Instead of waiting for a full details UX specifications, the team

user experience design

5 Myths About The User Experience Design Process

The user experience design aims to put users in the heart of the product development process by addressing their everyday needs and solving their problems. Achieving this target can help

ux research

The Price of Not Doing a Proper UX Research

When it comes to UX research, business owners and managers freak out to implement as they eager to invest the precious project time in production stages rather than thinking and

human-centered design

Why Do We Need Human-Centered Design More than Before?

The human-centered design aims to creatively solve problems by focusing on the consumer behavior and needs rather than their demographics. The approach is currently adopted by different industries as it

Sustainable Design

sustainable packaging design

Building A Sustainable Packaging Design Process

The United Kingdom creates 23 million tons of waste each year, 30% of this figure consists of packages. Considering the fact that the UK recycles 39 percent of its waste,

sustainable design

Principles of Sustainable Design

The term “sustainable design” has been used in multiple disciplines, including but not limited to product design, architecture design, interior design, and graphic design. Sustainable design refers to the design

lego sustainable design

LEGO Bricks: The Long Road to Sustainable Design

Recently, LEGO discontinued its marketing campaign with Shell, putting an end to the controversial partnership that lasted 50 years. Greenpeace brought this to the public’s attention through its intensive campaign