Design Thinking

task analysis grid

How to Use Task Analysis Grid in Service Design

As a designer, I usually find it challenging to communicate with all the stakeholders in the project, especially in service design, where the product is intangible in contrast to product

da vinci creative thinking

Creative Thinking: Inspired Lessons from Leonardo Da Vinci’s

Leonardo Da Vinci was not only a master of art and science but also a great creative thinker with an extraordinary ability to look at the world from a creative

Design Thinking value

Measuring Design Thinking Impact

The term design thinking has been widely used to describe the application of the design process’s characteristics and distinguish it from other development processes, such as the focus of user

design thinking

How Inclusive Design Reshaped Microsoft Products

Twenty years ago, I used to be a Windows operating system user and always asked myself; why is it so complicated? The screen is full of functions with minimum consideration


Customer Journey Mapping: A Complete Guide for Designers

According to the Digital Trend 2015 Report, customer experience is crucial to stand out from competitors. Suppose there is a single type of data to identify the success of the

thematic analysis

What is Thematic Analysis? And How to Apply in Design Thinking

Thematic analysis is a qualitative research method used to identify, analyse, and interpret patterns or themes within a dataset, such as interview transcripts, survey responses, or written texts. It involves

Healthcare Design

Healthcare Design

Why Digital Healthcare Innovation is Important

Digital healthcare innovation is an opportunity for the healthcare systems to overcome many of the challenges that face this sector in both developed and underdeveloped countries–think about the long waiting

design thinking in healthcare innovation

Why Design Thinking is Essential for Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare Innovation is seen as an opportunity to solve our healthcare problems, but can it address these dramatically increasing challenges? Nowadays, everyone’s family on earth is feeling these challenges as

Healthcare Technology Innovation: Opportunities and Challenges

Healthcare systems are facing more challenges than before. The increasing number of patients, especially with chronic diseases, pushes the health industry to innovative solutions, including adopting healthcare technology and medical innovation.

Behavioural Design

Design Research

role-play ux research

How to Use Role-Play Method in UX Research

As human beings, our lives are formed as a net of intersected stories. Reading or watching stories help us to put ourselves on others shoes, feel their pains and pleasant

Categories in card sorting

How to use Card Sorting to Improve Service Design

Service design follows the same design thinking processes that we highlighted in previous articles about design thinking. However, when it comes to the prototyping stage, there should be a coherent structure

design process

The Role of Storytelling in the Design Process

Storytelling is in the heart of our DNA as a human being, it helps us connect events is a holistic experience through time. This unique nature of stories makes it

Guerrilla User Experience

Guerrilla User Experience for Quick, Low-Budget Research

Building a user-centered design requires a deep understanding of consumer experience, which can be only achieved through an in-depth research process prior to building the first product prototype. However, as

Lean UX

Five Reasons to Move to Lean UX

The lean UX allows us to escape the barrier of the traditional UX process to a more agile process. Instead of waiting for a full details UX specifications, the team

user experience design

5 Myths About The User Experience Design Process

The user experience design aims to put users in the heart of the product development process by addressing their everyday needs and solving their problems. Achieving this target can help

Design Management

social design

What is Social Design? And How it Can Change the World.

In this rapidly changing world, future generations will face increasingly challenging obstacles like climate change, pollution, poverty, lack of resources and other difficulties that have yet to manifest. Problems predicted


What is Inclusive Design? And How to Apply It?

In our diverse world full of different cultures, designing products and services has become more and more challenging, especially when the aim is to meet the needs of various consumers


How to Use the Action Priority Matrix in Time Management?

Unlike regular jobs. Designers are required to handle various tasks on different levels. This challenge increases when working as a freelancer or working in your own start-up. Most designers complain


What is Strategic Thinking? And How to Improve It

The ability to take strategic decisions can lead the organisation to achieve business success, as firms can’t preserve their existence without a strategy that maintains their long-term growth. Having the


What is Open Innovation? And How it Fuels Creativity

Scholars, practitioners and business leaders have agreed that innovation and creativity are essential to sustain success and achieve competitive advantage in the present market. While our main focus here is

circular design

What is Circular Design? And How to Apply It.

The role of design is now extending the form and function of the product or service to more contributions to building innovative solutions that emphasise the wise consumption of natural