Digital health design

What are the principles of Good Digital Healthcare Design?

The broad role of digital healthcare design is progressing rapidly, driven by the need for digital and technological solutions to address the increasing challenges facing healthcare systems worldwide. Several barriers

Four Reasons to Expand Mobile Technology Usage in Medical Innovation

The healthcare systems around the world are faced with increased challenges including increasing costs, lack of working staff, and of course long waiting lists putting in mind that healthcare expenditure

medical innovation apps

Five Reasons to Utilise Patient-Centric Medical Innovation

The medical innovation is an opportunity for the healthcare system to overcome many of the challenges that face this sector in both developed and underdeveloped countries–think about the long waiting

social innovation

My Advice to Innovators From Years in Cambodia Designing New Solutions to Poverty

For the last decade, I’ve been designing solutions that improve human well-being in the developing world. For those who want to apply design thinking to situations of extreme constraints, like

How to Create the System Thinking Diagrams

Complex systems can’t be seen as individual parts. We need a broader perspective to see the whole pattern that causes the problem as many factors as affecting both the current

Market segmentation

What is Market Segmentation? Why is it Important?

The understanding of the target audience is crucial for building a viable product or service. Companies use the market segmentation in order to focus their production and marketing campaign on