Design Thinking

Failure Mode Effects FMEA

What is the Failure Mode and Effects (FMEA)?

Our worst fear in design is to end up with a failed product. At this particular moment, we pause and wonder; if we knew this will going to happen, we

Online brainstorming

How to Conduct Online Brainstorming

Brainstorming allows teams to explore ideas and analyse information in a creative, collaborative environment. During the pandemic lockdown, online brainstorming solved the problem that teams had to work remotely and

Design thinking tools

Design Thinking Tools and Methods Complete Guide

There are several design thinking tools and methods out there. At the beginning of my learning about these tools, How can we formulate these methods in a clear design thinking


13 Online Design Thinking Tools for Mind Mapping

Design thinking tools provide us with the opportunity to explore ideas through their different elements and components, which can lead to developing creative solutions for problems. Mind maps are one

design thinking

Design Thinking Tools for Ideation

The ideation stage is a key point in the design thinking process (Known as Define in the Double Diamond Process). It is where the problem or the challenge is defined. The prototyped solutions may not

decision matrix template

How to Use the Decision Matrix to Make Decisions?

Making the right decision is the biggest challenge that designers, managers, and innovators face, especially when there can be more than one possible choice to select from and multiple factors

medical technology innovation

Why is Medical Technology Innovation so Hard?

Medical technology innovation has dramatically expanded, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown. Mobile apps were used to track and trace to spread of the pandemic, and video chatting apps replace physical

Digital health design

What are the principles of Good Digital Healthcare Design?

The broad role of digital healthcare design is progressing rapidly, driven by the need for digital and technological solutions to address the increasing challenges facing healthcare systems worldwide. Several barriers

Four Reasons to Expand Mobile Technology Usage in Medical Innovation

The healthcare systems around the world are faced with increased challenges including increasing costs, lack of working staff, and of course long waiting lists putting in mind that healthcare expenditure

What is Strategic Thinking? And How to Improve It

The ability to take strategic decisions can lead the organisation to achieve business success, as firms can’t preserve their existence without a strategy that maintains their long-term growth. Having the

What is Open Innovation? And How Can it Drive Creativity?

Innovation and creativity are essential factors to achieve competitive advantages in the market. Innovative companies adopt strategies that aim to improve both the input and output sides of the innovation

Phase-Gate Process

Stage Gate Process: The Complete Practice Guide

When it comes to the process of new product development, the stakes are high to achieve the target goals and introduce to the market a product that can satisfy both

UX Design

Guerrilla User Experience

Guerrilla User Experience for Quick, Low-Budget Research

Building a user-centered design requires a deep understanding of consumer experience, which can be only achieved through an in-depth research process prior to building the first product prototype. However, as

Lean UX

Five Reasons to Move to Lean UX

The lean UX allows us to escape the barrier of the traditional UX process to a more agile process. Instead of waiting for a full details UX specifications, the team

human centered design

Characteristics of Human-Centered Design

Design is s complex process that is implemented in different disciplines with many factors in mind; one of these factors is the target of the design process. Generally, there are

user experience design

5 Myths About The User Experience Design Process

The user experience design aims to put users in the heart of the product development process by addressing their everyday needs and solving their problems. Achieving this target can help

ux research

The Price of Not Doing a Proper UX Research

When it comes to UX research, business owners and managers freak out to implement as they eager to invest the precious project time in production stages rather than thinking and

human-centered design

Why Do We Need Human-Centered Design More than Before?

The human-centered design aims to creatively solve problems by focusing on the consumer behavior and needs rather than their demographics. The approach is currently adopted by different industries as it

Sustainable Design

lego sustainable design

LEGO Bricks: The Long Road to Sustainable Design

Recently, LEGO discontinued its marketing campaign with Shell, putting an end to the controversial partnership that lasted 50 years. Greenpeace brought this to the public’s attention through its intensive campaign