Five Steps to Achieve a Reliable Decision-Making Process

Decision making has never been an easy process for designers. A designer’s daily work involves taking many decisions that can affect the whole project starting from communicating with the client needs and requirements, choosing the materials and design specification for the production process, and getting feedback and evaluation concerning the final product. Wrong decisions taken in the design process affect …

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triz method problem solving

Using the TRIZ Method for Creative Problem Solving

During the conflict and problems time in an organization, projects, at times, seem to be blocked from moving forward. At this crucial time, innovative and creative solutions are required to help the project survive through this difficult time. Problem-solving methods and tools are considered predefined ways that can be used to organize thoughts to carry on the production process. These …

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brain storming

How to Run a Successful Brainstorming Session

Many companies and practitioners believe that brainstorming and creative thinking can help companies and teams to focus on their objective and find creative solutions for existing problems. However, many brainstorming sessions fail and do not provide any sufficient results. This failure leads to a waste of critical time at the early stage of the project as well as diminishes team …

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mind map template

Designorate Mind Map Template

In a previous article, we covered mind mapping as one of the effective tools to organize and visualize ideas during brainstorming sessions. Mind mapping can be used in the educational, business and personal domains. While there are many digital tools that allow teams to visuals ideas through computer generated applications; the traditional paper and pen are recognized by many as …

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mind map art

How to Use Mind Mapping for Better Thinking

During brainstorming meetings and problem-solving sessions, many outputs are shared and presented in fractals. Many of the design thinking methods we discussed aims to direct the attendees thinking towards a specific flow in order to achieve creativity or find innovative solutions for problems. Mind mapping is one of the efficient methods that organize all these in a formation and in …

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scamper problem solving

A Guide to the SCAMPER Technique for Creative Thinking

Creative thinking and problem-solving are essential parts of the design process to turn ideas into innovation and break the barriers against creativity. One of the successful methods used in creative thinking is the SCAMPER technique. While there are different creative thinking and problem-solving techniques such as reversed brainstorming, Hurson’s thinking model, the six hats of critical thinking and Lego Serious …

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swot analysis model

SWOT Analysis: Exploring Innovation and Creativity within Organizations

Innovation and creativity are considered by many strategists a key factor of business success and prosperity. However, only one from six ideas achieve the goal and return profit to the organization. How to determine the potential success in innovative ideas? Many tools and methods are used to evaluate ideas such as pass-fail evaluation, evaluation matrix and SWOT analysis. While these …

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design thinking

Top Resources to Learn Design Thinking Online

Companies such as Apple, Toyota, Virgin and others provide proof that applying design thinking in the innovation process can make changes not only by creating opportunities, but also by building a better future for people by daily problems. These companies and other innovative organizations apply design as a global policy in organizational strategy. In a previous article, I discussed design …

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design thinking in education

Can We Apply Design Thinking in Education?

Many schools claim that their systems support innovation and creativity in the educational process, yet the results indicate a failure to implement the proper methodologies in order to achieve this aim. One of the main reasons for this is the educational approach itself. The “learn-memorize-test” approach implemented by many schools prevent student from exploring the creativity inherent in the children …

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design idea

How to Evaluate Design Ideas

Design and innovation play an essential role in today’s business success through fueling an organization’s future with creative ideas that in turn, will help maintain superiority in market competition. Investing in business ventures and start-up ideas are other reason for companies to focus on creative ideas and analyze their potential success in the market. Designers, design managers and educators also …

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