systems thinking

The Six Systems Thinking Steps to Solve Complex Problems

A quick overview of common problem solving techniques indicates that most of these methods focus on the problem rather than the whole eco-system where the problem exists. Along with the challenges of global economy, problems turn out to be more complicated and sometimes awakening problems. Climate change, traffic problems, and organizational problems that have developed through the years are all …

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What Kills Design Thinking?

Design thinking is one of the many beneficial tools that help individuals and companies to find new ideas through changing the way they think in different situations, including discovering ideas or solving problems. So, why do companies who adopt design thinking methods still face possible failure? Why aren’t they able to innovate even after using these methods? Design thinking acts …

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CATWOE: Building a Problem-Solving Checklist

Problem solving is the main target of design thinking methods, and the previously discussed design thinking methods that are used in solving problems tend to work through a number of steps in order to reach a final solution for the problem. However, in particular situations, solving the problem isn’t the main target of meetings or discussions. Stakeholders simply would like …

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mind mapping

If You Believe that Design Thinking is a Waste of Time, You’re Doing It Wrong

Design thinking tools and methods tend to explore innovative ideas and creative solutions for organization problems by shifting the way we think from ordinary methods to new techniques that explore undiscovered creative potentials. Implementing design thinking as part of the strategic planning of the organization is known to achieve success; companies such as IKEA, Lego, and Apple provide a proof …

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Why Design Thinking Can Contribute to a Growing Business

Design thinking is defined by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, as “a discipline that uses the designer’s sensibility and methods to match people’s needs with what is technologically feasible and what a viable business strategy can convert into customer value and market opportunity.” Design thinking aims to achieve innovation and solve problems while putting the end consumer in the heart …

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cause effect diagram

Problem-Solving Using Cause and Effect Diagram

Solving problems is considered an initial part of designers’ tasks; they tend to solve consumer or company problems through providing a wide range of solutions depending on the design field, such as service design, product design, or interaction design. However, a clear definition for the problem should be highlighted in order to target the proper solution, including analyzing the causes …

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rolestorming brainstorming

How Designers Can Use Rolestorming to Understand Consumers

Brainstorming techniques are used to achieve different goals, including finding creative ideas, solving problems, and understanding the target consumer during the ideation phase of the design process. However, brainstorming team members are affected by their own voices and personalities, which may affect their ideas that should reflect the consumer characteristics and needs instead. This can lead to a failed session …

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mind mapping tools

10 Online Mind Mapping Tools for Designers

Exploring ideas or finding creative solutions requires identifying a link between ideas and the available information. A holistic understanding of the problem allows the assigned team to find the best solution for the problem or to innovate creative ideas. Mind Mapping is one of the common tools that are used by designers to explore ideas during brainstorming sessions. Mind Mapping …

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8D problem solving

Explore the 8D Problem Solving Approach

Is there a disciplined method that allows companies to solve problems? In times of crisis, companies face the challenge of analyzing and solving problems efficiently in a short time to save developed projects. Problem-solving techniques such as the TRIZ method and Hurson’s Production Thinking Model tend to provide a tool for companies to overcome crises and solve problems using less …

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starbursting brainstorming

Starbursting: Evaluating New Ideas

In every project start of idea development, the biggest challenge is how to understand all the project-related factors through asking the right questions in order to evaluate the new idea. While different brainstorming tools can be used to understand and analyze new ideas, these tools tend to indirectly explore the new ideas and develop decisions based on team discussion rather …

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