hick's law

Hick’s Law: Building Usable Navigations

Building a user-friendly UI Design involves creating a usable navigation system that allows users to easily move between pages or UI screens, and one of the laws that contribute building a clear understanding about how users navigate through different choices in websites or applications is the Hick’s Law. It highlights that the time needed by the user to reach a decision …

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system thinking

What Does the Systems Thinking Teach us About the Problems of Problem-Solving Practice

The systems thinking theory combines understanding how complex systems integrate with each other and solve complicated problems that involve multiple inputs outputs from these systems. The theory can also help us to build a clear vision about the system while proposing a solution that considers seeing the complex system as a whole picture rather than individual parts. This approach contributes …

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Service Design Thinking: Putting Your Consumer First

The design process involves multiple disciplines starting from the emphasize phase to the final product delivery. However, achieving a desirable design experience extends the borders of the product development to include the service design. Unlike the physical product design, the service design focuses on the communication between consumers and the organization during the process of buying or using a physical …

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design education

What Designers Need to Learn Aside from Their Design Education

In a conversation with one of my friends about the problems that designers face in their professional life, she highlighted that while designers may get good design-related skills during design education, they lack other skills that are needed in the typical work environment. For example, designers may only think of their tasks without considering the whole project requirements. Designers may …

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design common myths

5 Common Myths About Design

“Designers only do Photoshop work,” “They only think about colors,” ” Design only adds more cost to the project,” and other comments are common to hear if you are a designer working in a company that doesn’t really understand what you do. As a designer, those words frustrate me the most simply, because they aren’t true. What frustrates me more …

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Practice Guide to Run a Google Design Sprint

The design process plays an essential role in achieving product success by ensuring that the user is at the heart of the development process and that the final product is innovative enough to compete in the market and achieve business needs. Google Design Sprint is one of the design process models developed to build user-centered products and services. Design sprints …

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design thinking process

How Design Thinking Approaches Problems

Design thinking is widely known as a strategy to successfully address complex problems and build products that address consumers’ needs. Many word-leading design companies, such as Apple, Microsoft, IKEA, Lego and others, have achieved success through applying design thinking in their product development process. While there are similarities between the design thinking process and other development process and marketing process, …

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3D printing technology

Guide for 3D Printing Technologies

3D printing technology is one of the rapidly growing fields that has been involved in different industries including, but is not limited to industrial design, product design, and medical implementations. The affordability of 3D printers, plus their easy installation and usage, make it a very appealing technology for designers to visualize their ideas in the form of physical prototypes. While …

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decision trees

Decision Trees: Eliminating Uncertainty in the Decision-Making Process

Every day, designers are faced with decision-making challenges on different levels of their careers. In many of these situations, uncertainty dominates the choices, especially when it comes to evaluating new ideas or innovating new products. Decision trees are considered an efficient method to make decisions or solve problems under uncertainty in order to evaluate each choice based on the outcome …

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