experience design

10 Success Factors for the Experience Design Process

Experience design (or “user experience design”) aims to improve the usability and accessibility of the digital or physical product and thereby create a pleasant and effective experience while using the product and hence a satisfied user. This requires more than just focusing on the aesthetics or the layout of the application design. A successful experience design process should extend the …

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design in Egypt

Exploring Design in the Egyptian Creative Market (Infographic)

There is an agreement between both scholars and practitioners about the important role of design and creativity in the following three fields: education, organization, and government. In a previous article, “Leading Economy Through Design: Applying National Design Policies”, we explored how different countries such as the UK, Germany, Japan, India, and China adopt design policies to strengthen their economies. As …

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types of innovation

Types of Innovation and How to Utilize Them

Innovation is widely acknowledged as important for companies seeking to achieve market success in various industries. This perception is supported by case studies and by observation of companies that have adopted different types of innovation as part of their organizational strategy. Before tackling the innovation types, we need to identify what innovation is and what innovative activity is. Considered as …

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affinity diagram

Using the Affinity Diagram to Organize Ideas

The design process depends on collecting a large amount of information about consumers, markets, and competitions. This large amount of data collected during the research phase makes it hard for a design team to build a connection between data fragments and their own ideas. Many methods have been introduced to visually represent data results from research or brainstorming, such as …

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UX research

How to Conduct a Successful UX Research for Your Design Project

Lacking a clear understanding of the project target audience can prevent a design team from developing a product that fulfills the end user’s needs and expectations. Before starting a project, many questions come to mind including “What is the target market segment?”, “What are the user problems that we can address?” and “How we can address them?” All these questions …

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Sony Walkman

10 Product Design Icons from the 20th Century

Following the product design timeline during the 20th century, we can observe that design has evolved to focus on the function rather than the form which dominated 19th-century design movements. Design schools such as post-modernism and Bauhaus contributed to focus on the function of the design and how it serves people’s needs. The product design timeline indicated a number of …

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apple innovation

Design Thinking Case Study: Innovation at Apple

Apple is one of the leading companies that is renowned for its unique products and brand. A short talk with an Apple user reveals there is an emotional relation between consumers and Apple products, including every “i” product created in the past two decades. Why are Apple products different from their competitors’ products? How does Apple manage to achieve innovation …

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Adobe XD

Adobe Experience Design CC: Taking the Creative Cloud to Prototyping

As interactive and user experience designers, there was always the question: Why is there not a prototyping tool included in the Adobe Creative Cloud? Since the release of Adobe Creative Cloud, it has been known as an integrated platform for designers, developers, photographers, and media experts to build their projects through a bundle of applications and services available for subscribers …

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design thinking in schools

Design Thinking in Schools: Building a Generation of Innovators

Observing today’s world can tell us much about tomorrow and what human beings need to meet future challenges. Along with the increasing challenges that we face everyday from economical challenges and climate change to extremism and the increasing language of hate between nations, we should raise a generation that is able to meet these challenges and find innovative solutions for …

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